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Google eBooks for Android: Hands-On

Google eBooks for Android
While we've been waiting for the iPad and iPhone versions of Google eBooks to land in the App Store, we put the Android version through the paces. While it's not the most feature-filled e-reading app available on Android, it is slick, polished and easily the best non-NOOK and non-Kindle e-reading app for the platform. There are some limitations, like the lack of simple bookmarking and the absence of any sort of highlighting and searching tools. Most confusing, though, is that you can browse your collection and open the settings in landscape mode, but books are locked in portrait. (Not a huge deal if you ask us -- landscape is great for websites, not so much for books). We also were a little irked that shopping for books isn't integrated into the app -- tapping 'Get Books' kicks you out of the app and into the browser. Overall, however, Google eBooks provides a pleasurable reading experience, which is ultimately the most important thing. Check out the hands-on video after the break.

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