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British 'Smart' Beer Coasters Deliver Corny Pickup Lines for You

If you find it hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger at a bar, a team of Newcastle University students have developed "smart" beer coasters and an interactive bar top that will break the ice for you. According to the Guardian, the coasters light up blue for men and pink for women when touched by a glass. All you have to do is slide the coaster within about two feet of that guy or gal who's caught your bleary eye, and it will display a number of corny pickup lines on top of the interactive bar. Some of the lines include: the classic "Do you come here often?"; and the not-so-subtle "Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got 'fine' written all over you."

While letting a coaster deliver lame pickup lines is better than sitting in the corner of the bar and updating your Facebook status, we find it hard to believe anybody would ever make a "connection" this way. A simple hello and a handshake is usually a decent way to start off. It isn't as hard as it sounds.

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