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WheeMe Bot Gives Massages, Makes Us Feel Dirty

This is either an awkward, creepy peace offering from the robot community, or yet another attempt to lull us into complacency before the impending revolution. Either way, the WheeMe makes us a tad uneasy. It's a massaging robot that rolls around your back like a tiny, pleasure-giving Roomba. The tooth-wheeled 'bot is set to launch at this year's CES, but its creators at DreamBots have already taken it to the streets for some public demonstrations. (You can check out the stiffly acted and slightly unsettling videos after the break.) What makes the WheeMe work is the tilt-sensor inside, which keeps it from falling off of you as it rolls around, "providing a delightful sense of bodily pleasure." In our humble opinion, DreamBot might want to tone down the creep factor in their press materials.

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