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Google Calendar: Get Your Weather Forecast and Custom Date Views

Custom Date ViewFor all the good that Google has done in helping us keep our e-mails and events organized, it's notoriously bad for hiding useful tools and features out of sight. We've got two simple tips today for opening up Google Calendar's potential. Google Calendar's '4 days' view has always seemed out of place, but makes much more sense when you realize it's customizable. You'll need to head to Settings to make changes. Buried in the General Settings tab is a field for Custom view, which is set at '4 days' by default. You can limit the view down to '2 days' or open it up to as much as '4 weeks.' Any change here will be reflected in the tab between the Month and Agenda views.

Similarly, Settings also hides the option for daily weather forecasts. In the Location field, enter your zip code or city, select your favored temperature scale, and tap 'Save' at the bottom. Now, Google Calendar will display the weather for the next few days; clicking on the weather icon will reveal a more detailed forecast with highs, lows, humidity and more.

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