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Droid 2 Allegedly Explodes in Man's Ear

Aron Embry
Cedar Hill, Texas resident Aron Embry claims that his brand-new Droid 2 exploded. Usually, when cell phones explode (and yes, they do explode from time to time), they're in a pocket where heat is easily trapped. Embry claims he was talking on his phone when it popped, leaving him with a wound on his ear that required four stitches. Although he claims he didn't feel any pain, when he realized he was bleeding, he rushed to meet his wife Kara, who initially thought Aron had been in a car accident. Kara took photos to document the damage, and then called 911. Apparently Embry suffered no hearing loss, and his phone, despite looking a little broken, still works.

Aron is currently without health insurance, and is hoping that Motorola will help cover the costs of his emergency room visit. The company said it's currently investigating the claim. The fact that most cell phone explosions involve the battery, and that this one doesn't seem to, makes us slightly skeptical. For its part, the Dallas Fox affiliate that originally reported the case seems downright dismissive. Then again, their doubt is based on the word of a "tech expert" (read: a cell phone repairman), who claims he's never heard of an exploding cell phone. Clearly he needs to read Switched more often. Check out the video after the break.

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