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Denver Police Detonate Toy Robot That Could've Easily Been a Terrorist

denver robotYesterday, Denver police found themselves in the middle of a lengthy standoff with a robot that had threatened to blow up Coors Field. Fortunately for all of humanity, the white, eight-inch 'bot was just a toy. Unfortunately for the 'bot, though, police had no choice but to put it out of its misery.

A citizen first noticed the robot yesterday afternoon, and immediately notified local police. Officers quickly closed off the streets within the vicinity, and wouldn't allow anyone to come within 100 yards of the 'bot, which was mysteriously cemented into the ground near the baseball stadium. With rush-hour traffic quickly piling up, police called in a bomb squad to investigate the stoic toy. They even sent in their own robot to talk the miniature 'bot out of doing anything crazy, but authorities still couldn't figure out whether or not it was a bomb. Therefore, they decided to "render it safe" by blowing it up.

And what did they find? "A whole lot of nothing," according to police spokesman Matt Murray. Murray added that officials still don't know who fastened the toy there, or why they did it. Widespread annihilation, however, apparently wasn't on the agenda.

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