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Kevin Bacon Pitches Google TV, Zuckerberg to Get '60 Minutes' Interview

Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.


Is social media bad for NYC?
"If I were living in NYC in the '50s, I'd be a modernist painter, in the '60s I would have been a documentary filmmaker, in the '70s I would have been in a punk band, in the '80s I would have made music videos," he says. "Today it's all about having a social-media presence...and that's just lame."
The most-read man in the world
Now, even schoolchildren (albeit discerning ones) seem to know who he is and what he does. However, the reason is probably not so much the beauty and utility of his faces, both of which are almost universally acknowledged. Rather, it is Georgia and Verdana. Mr Carter conjured up both fonts in the 1990s for Microsoft, which released them with its Internet Explorer in the late 1990s and bundled them into Windows, before disseminating them as a free download.


  • Kevin Bacon stars as a creepy Kevin Bacon superfan in Logitech's new Revue (Google TV) campaign. [From: YouTube]
  • Radiolab's Jad Abumrad geeks out on the details of making the popular WNYC radio show. [From: MaxFunCon]
  • Meme mixer chulini finds Google beatboxing bliss. [From: YouTube]


  • The Onion: Following the recent high-level security leaks, Julian Assange has been fired from his Pentagon IT job. [From: The Onion]
  • The Air Force is exploring processor-intensive tasks like AI research and high-res satellite image processing with 1,760 networked PlayStation 3s. [From: DVICE]
  • Round out the upcoming weekend with a Mark Zuckerberg '60 Minutes' interview on CBS. [From: Huffington Post]

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