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Home Power Plant Uses Sun and Waste Water, Could Cost $20

Daniel G. NoceraAfter years of work, an MIT scientist has perfected a cheap way to convert and store clean energy using sunlight and water -- much as a plant does during photosynthesis. According to Fast Company, professor Daniel Nocera used solar power captured during the day to split a water molecule into its basic elements -- oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen gas is stored in a fuel cell, which is used to provide energy at night. Although splitting a water molecule isn't revolutionary, this system's ability to split any type of water -- even waste water or drinking water -- is what makes Nocera's system noteworthy. He recently said, "We have the capability to power a household with just two bottles of water from any source."

Nocera's company, Sun Catalytix, has received a multi-million dollar investment from India's Tata group, and in just a little more than a year, the energy system could, according to Business Standard, become available to consumers for as cheap as $20.

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