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Sync Your Facebook Events With Google Calendar

Facebook Google Calendar SyncThis week we'll help kick your Google calendars into shape. As with contacts and e-mail, Google provides a way to keep your calendars synced across multiple apps, computers and devices.

As a primary source of party invites, meetups and family gatherings, Facebook is an unfortunate common ground for events these days. If you want to keep your Facebooking to a minimum -- or would prefer a single calendar system to track all of your events -- check out Facebook's little known 'Export Events' feature.
Facebook Export Events
Fire up Facebook, open 'Events' in the left rail and click 'Export Events' at the bottom of the center column. A pop-up window will prompt you to click on a URL; don't click on it unless you want to add it to your computer's default calendar app. Copy the link, and switch to Google Calendar. Under 'Other calendars' in the left rail in your calendar, click 'Add' and select 'Add by URL.' Paste in the Facebook address, confirm the link, and voilà -- your upcoming Facebook events are seamlessly integrated into your Google life.

Google Calendar Add URL Unfortunately, the feed includes all of your upcoming invites (even if you haven't confirmed that you're attending), and it also automatically deletes events as soon as they've passed. Fortunately, Facebook events can easily be hidden in Google Calendar by just clicking the calendar name. You won't be able to edit this calendar (the above process just acts as a simple subscription), but it lets you easily see all of your potential upcoming social soirees at a glance.

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