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Facebook 'Find Friends Browser' Helps You Discover People You May Already Know

find friends browser
Facebook users may have an easier time rounding out their online social circles, thanks to the site's new Find Friends Browser (Ed. note: it's still being rolled out, so you may not be seeing it yet). As All Facebook explains, the new tool essentially provides users with an expanded, more comprehensive version of Friend Recommendations. The new Friend Browser presents these recommendations in a noticeably more streamlined, infinite-scroll display, and allows members to filter recommendations by high school, college, workplace and geographic networks.

According to Inside Facebook, you can even filter suggestions by parameters that may seem unrelated to your personal profile. For instance, if a lot of your friends work at a certain company, you can find people you may know who work at that office, even if you've never set foot there. Along with the ability to create customized filters, each suggestion now has its own 'add as friend' button, meaning you won't need to hover your cursor over each profile to send a request. It certainly seems like an easy, intuitive way to find people you probably already know -- or, at the very least, a great way to spend hours stalking the ghosts of your past.

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