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The Cake Is Not a Lie in Flash Puzzler 'R.I.F.T.'

This week, we've got a need for speed. Just as games of yore were all about accumulating high scores, these are all about quick reflexes and the shortest laps. You'll be pushed to the limit trying to achieve the unthinkably fast, so get ready for a true test of digital dexterity. Slowpokes need not apply.

'R.I.F.T.' takes robots and cake, two of our favorite things in the world, and somehow manages to combine them into a great puzzle platformer with a superlatively cute aesthetic. In R.I.F.T. you take guide a cake-gathering robot through his increasingly difficult task of feeding a gluttonous (and gelatinous) master. This is far from easy, as each level will present you with ever more arduous challenges that will try to keep you from your delicious cake. These challenges involve careful platforming and object manipulation, as well as some teleportation tricks cribbed from 'Portal' (which, considering both games' emphasis on cake, seem wholly appropriate). You control your robotic hero using the arrow keys, while the X key will pick up objects. The latter is vital, as you'll often need to pick up and use helpful crates to aid in triggering switches and deflecting deadly lasers. R.I.F.T. challenges you with a scoring system that takes into account how quickly you can beat each level (as well as online leaderboards to show how truly lacking your skills really are).


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