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Gift Guide: HP Envy 14, a Sleek Laptop for Under $1000

HP Envy 14Sure, all the hubbub these days seems to be over tablet PCs and touchscreens, but let's not forget about the real workhorses, which upon we depend when we really need to get stuff done: laptops. This past summer, we fell for HP's crafty little 13-incher, the Envy 13. It was a lot of laptop to squeeze into such a small, pretty package. Still, we had a few minor misgivings, and apparently (and thankfully) someone at HP was listening. Thus, our feelings have turned into an unabashed techno-crush on the newer, slightly bigger, and way smarter brother, the Envy 14.

For starters, the Envy 14 is spec'd out generously for the price, and, when put to the test, performs like a champ. (Read a full review from our friends at Engadget.) And, even though it's solidly built, the new Envy is relatively lightweight and thin. Even better, it's easy on the eyes, making it the PC equivalent to that other darling of laptop land, the MacBook Pro (while still leaving a nice chunk of change to spare).

HP Envy 14

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