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Pro-Google Pranksters Pelt Blurred German Homes With Eggs

Blurred Street View Home
Before Street View launched this month in Germany, Google allowed wary residents to refuse the service, if they so wished, by blurring images of their homes. While that decision appeased privacy advocates, it apparently didn't appease everybody. According to Deutsche Welle, Street View-blurred homes in the Bergerhauser area of Essen were recently splattered with eggs. (The pro-Google pranksters also taped notes reading "Google's Cool" to mailboxes.) Of course, Google was quick to condemn this juvenile (and nerdy) prank, telling Search Engine Land, "We respect people's decision to opt out and by no means consider this acceptable behavior." It's unclear just how many homes were egged, and Deutsche Welle reported that there was little damage done in the attack. The intent, we'd guess, wasn't to damage, but for some bored teens to get their 15 minutes of fame.

In total, about 250,000 German households, or 3-percent of the population, chose not to be shown on Street View. But not even Germany has enough bored, teenage delinquents to egg that many houses.

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