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Man Drops $15,000 to Play Massive MMO on Monster LED

gamer under display
An eminent, yet unnamed, gaming god sat down for a session of unprecedented magnitude last week. The man supposedly dropped $15,000 to park his recliner underneath "the world's second largest LED screen." (He must have auctioned off a colossal stockpile of geeky, collectible figurines.) Housed a Beijing pedestrian mall, The Place, the screen measured over 80,000 square feet. The mysterious, and already legendary, gamer actually had ten minutes to play a massive multiplayer online game on the massively awesome display.

With only ten minutes to game, though, we probably would have picked a genre -- like a shooter -- that allows for unceasing first-person devastation. Regardless, the guy is obviously hardcore. Now, as far as ultra-large screen Stateside action goes, how much would it cost to rent one of these mega-HD monoliths? And forget ten minutes -- we'd be happy with five.

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