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Implanted Electrical Impulse Chips Could Mobilize the Paralyzed

active book implantScientists have successfully demonstrated amazing advancements in prosthetics and other technologies for the disabled in recent years. Electrical impulse technology and mind control systems certainly provide hope for the future, but some analysts believe it could be decades before controllable prostheses and commercial, self-contained options become feasible.

According to the BBC, however, researchers from University College London have developed a system that could significantly accelerate that predicted time line. University scientists recently developed 'Active Book' implant chips, which bind to spinal nerves "like the pages of a book." Researcher Andreas Demosthenous told the BBC that the chips provide electrical impulses to the nerves in order to "stimulate more muscle groups than is currently possible." That reportedly presents significant, revolutionary benefits because "stimulation of more muscle groups means users can perform enough movement to carry out controlled exercise such as cycling or rowing."

The scientists also contend that more detailed studies should begin within the next year. So, given Active Book's astounding possibilities for paraplegics and the disabled -- and despite the derision typically focused at intrusive tech -- this is one Orwellian development that needs to hurry up and arrive.

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