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Antique Apple-1 Computer Commands $213,000 at Auction

Apple I
It's 35-years old, it can't send e-mail or compose office documents, and, even after you open up the box, you'll still have to add your own case, keyboard, monitor and power supply. Yet the Apple-1 -- the first computer to come out of the shop founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak -- is still commanding top dollar from eager buyers. Only 200 of the machines were made, and only 50 of those are known to still exist. So, it's no surprise that the first Apple computer pulled in the big bucks at a recent auction at Christie's in London. But, even with most Apple-1 computers selling for over $15,000, it was still quite a shock when the final price for this particular auction was announced. The anonymous buyer shelled out a whopping $213,000 for the 1976 personal computer, with its meager eight kilobytes of RAM and all of its original manuals.

The purchase set the record for the highest price paid for a personal computer at auction, according to Christie's. All we know is that, with an original price of $666.66, the Apple-1 turned out to be a hell of an investment.

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