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'Anti Sleep Pilot' Warns Drowsy Drivers When to Pull Over

Anti Sleep Pilot
It won't be able to help the U.S. drivers who are taking long trips this holiday season, but a new in-car device available in Denmark prevents drivers from dozing off by testing their awareness and monitoring their vehicle's movements. The Anti Sleep Pilot sits on the dash, and monitors the car's speed and direction, while intermittently asking the driver to tap its surface in order to combat fatigue. Before hitting the road, the driver completes a short fatigue test, so that the device knows how often to turn itself on. If the device thinks you're just too tired to keep driving, it starts beeping and flashing until you pull over and rest for a while -- or smash it to pieces.

The Anti Sleep Pilot costs 1,499 kr ($270) in Denmark, and it'll probably run in the same price range when it eventually lands on our shores. Until then, find yourself a trustworthy co-pilot, and stock up on truck stop coffee and caffeine pills. Maybe they aren't the healthiest alternatives, but at least they'll help you get where you're going -- jittery, twitching and on edge.

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