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1,000 Israeli Draft Dodgers Netted in Facebook Sweep

facebook homepageIsraeli law requires all citizens to spend some time doing military service, but women who claim to be observant Jews typically get a pass. Understandably, many women in Israel take full advantage of this loophole, even if they're not all that Jewish. Unfortunately for them, though, the Israeli military recently caught onto their scheme, and, with a little help from Facebook, has now outed 1,000 of the truth-bending draft dodgers.

As the AP reports, one of the women reined in by authorities updated her status on the Sabbath (rookie mistake), while another thought it'd be a good idea to post a picture of herself holding a non-Kosher menu (party foul). Eventually, all 1,000 women were caught and sent back to duty, where they'll likely spend a few months scrubbing toilets with toothbrushes, and strongly reconsidering their privacy settings.

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