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James Turrell's 'Bindu Shards' Will Melt Your Brain

bindu shards
Californian artist James Turrell has created some pretty unusual things in his career (fluorescent oases, and beams of ancient starlight pulled down into a crater in the desert, to name just two). As we've explained previously, the MacArthur Fellow explores ideas about light and space in a high-concept minimalism involving spirituality, astronomy and near meditative silence. And really, what kind of regular guy wants to go see some installation about that?

Well, those of you who are on the lookout for a "mental orgasm" should be interested, because that's what Turrell's latest creation, 'Bindu Shards,' has to offer. The "perceptual cell" is basically a giant dome, filled with video, light and sound. Viewers are strapped down and sealed in, one at a time, and exposed to a 15-minute experience that has been called "transcendent."

"The most important part of the experience," writes the Guardian's art critic Jonathan Jones, "is that you do not know what is inside and outside your head."

'Bindu Shards' is on display at the Gagosian Gallery in London until December 10th, but, after that, it might come to the United States. Cross your fingers, toes and knees, and hope it comes to a gallery near you.

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