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Gmail Call Recording Lets You Save Your Voice Conversations

Gmail Call Recording
A few months back, Google integrated Google Voice into Gmail, allowing users to make calls through its Web interface. (Since the debut of 'Call Phone,' we can count on one hand the number of times we've actually used it.) We did just notice, however, that Google recently added the ability to record incoming calls to the VoIP service. A small record button now appears just above the dial pad when you receive a call in Gmail. If you choose to record the conversation (you can only do so with an incoming call, not an outgoing call), both you and the caller will be notified that this option has been activated. That way, nobody's privacy will be compromised. On Google Voice, you could press 4 on the dial pad to record a call, but we expect not many people knew about or used this option.

Google's still rolling out the recording function, so you may not see it in 'Call Phone' just yet. (Although, for the most part, it appears to be widely available now.) Let us know when you see the new recording option, and whether you think it's a useful archiving tool or just another option you'll rarely use -- if ever. For now, our vote is with the latter.

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