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For Digital Dandies, Weird Handkerchief Blocks Cell Phone Signal

We've talked at great lengths about the changing nature of etiquette in the digital age, and one of the more nuanced guidelines has to do with answering your phone while in somebody's company. When you're hanging out with friends at a bar, and a straggler calls to get directions, it's certainly not impolite to answer the phone right then and there. When you're having a serious, one-on-one conversation, though, we'd say that it most certainly is. If you care to meet the latter situation with extra-gracious flair, you might want to pick up the Phonekerchief, an old-timey handkerchief that somehow blocks cell phone signals.

Going on sale November 25th, just in time for the holidays, the kerchief will be well worth the $15 you'll spend to see the smile on the face of your smartphone-addicted, Victorian era-obsessed "eccentric" cousin. Happy Christmas, Chadwick!

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