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Ninuku Archivist Turns Your Facebook Profile Into a Real Book. Great.

Facebook might not be around forever, so you might as well collect all your information while you can, convert it into a bible of embarrassment, and wait for future generations to endlessly ridicule you. That, at least, seems to be the idea behind a new service called Ninuku Archivist, the Herodotus of our socially networked generation.

As Gawker explains, Ninuku Archivist essentially converts your entire Facebook history into one fat PDF booklet, which you can then print out and bind at your leisure. Each month, the service will automatically collect all of your Facebook information, status updates and photos, and organize them into chronological chapters. Once aggregated, your Facebook tome can be divided into quarterly, semi-annual or annual PDF books. And all this can be yours for just $24 a year!

Don't get us wrong, we enjoy Facebook as much as the next procrastinator, but we've never really had an urge to honor our lurid online past in leather-bound memoriam, either. There's a reason our high school yearbooks remain locked away in the bowels of our basements: because the past isn't always enjoyable to revisit, and having braces and acne at the tender age of 15 totally sucked. We know that our Facebook transgressions are out there somewhere, and we know that those mushy Wall-to-Walls with our exes will continue to haunt us for the rest of our lives. We'd just rather not have them staring at us from our bookshelves, that's all.

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