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New Jersey Pastor Tells Married Church Officials to Quit Facebook

pastor cedric millerA New Jersey pastor has ordered his married church officials to either delete their Facebook accounts, or resign from their positions in the church. According to the AP, the Rev. Cedric Miller asked about 50 officials to delete their accounts in order to set an example for the church -- which has been rife with marital discord, the pastor claims, due to social networking sites. Miller told the AP that, over the past six months, he has counseled about 20 couples in the 1,100-member congregation of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, New Jersey. The problems, he says, stem from married men and women reconnecting with old lovers via Facebook. Miller, who had suggested in the past that couples share their passwords, will also be deleting his own Facebook account.

This isn't the first time Facebook has been blamed for marriages going awry. While social networking sites can, and often do, contribute to infidelity, we wouldn't place all the blame there. After all, people have been unfaithful since the beginning of time, which, despite what some may tell you, predates the invention of Facebook.

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