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Chinese Citizen Faces a Year in 'Reeducation' Prison Camp for Single Retweet

China tweet
Another Chinese Twitter user has fallen prey to the nation's stringent stance against free speech. Last month, Cheng Jianping re-tweeted a message from her fiance that referenced a recent territorial dispute between China and Japan. The original tweet satirically implored freedom-fighters to "immediately fly to Shanghai to smash the Japanese Expo pavilion," but -- in her retweet -- Jianping included the addendum, "Angry youth, charge!"

According to The Next Web, that addition was apparently in violation of "disturbing social order," and, some days later, Jianping disappeared. After several more days (including Jianping's wedding date), the Chinese government eventually disclosed that the young woman had been arrested and detained. Sentenced to undergo "Reeducation Through Labor," Jianping now faces between one and four years in a prison camp.

The fiance's fate is apparently unknown, but Amnesty International has intervened on Jianping's behalf, and is appealing for her release. For concerned parties, Amnesty International's website provides pertinent information about the case, including methods for donating time and money.

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