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Woz Says Android Will Dominate iOS, Jobs Stabs His Woz Voodoo Doll

Steve WozniakIt's a shame that Steve Wozniak is no longer with Apple. He'd be the perfect foil to Steve Jobs's inscrutable megalomania. He seems affable, self-deprecating and (perhaps most refreshingly) brutally honest. He's never shied away from pointing out what he perceives as flaws in the company he co-founded or its products. And his latest assertion about the iPhone will definitely irk his former partner.

Woz told the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that he expects Android to become the dominant smartphone platform. He said that the iPhone "has very few weak points," but that the additional features and broader choices provided by Google's mobile OS will eventually win over the vast majority of consumers. Click on the source link to read the whole interview, translated from Dutch. (And be sure to check out the tidbit about a scrapped iPhone predecessor from 2004.)

Update: Woz tells Engagdget he was misquoted, saying he expects the Android OS "to be a lot like Windows." He continues, "I'm not trying to put Android down, but I'm not suggesting it's better than iOS by any stretch of the imagination. But it can get greater marketshare and still be crappy."

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