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Charlie Bucket's 'Fluid Dress' Is a Morphing Series of Tubes

charlie bucket's fluid dress
Charlie Bucket is a bit of a star in the hacked crafts crowd, having debuted his Fluid Dress at the Maker Faire festival in California last year. Yet, showing the dress in its most-perfected form, Bucket's just-released video is time-lapsed and edited together to demonstrate how beautiful (and fluid) the Fluid Dress could actually be. Composed of over 600 feet of knitted tubing and a hefty-looking pump meant to be worn as a backpack, the dress shoots liquid through the looped hoses, changing the color of the garment and sending movement across its surface. By shooting differently colored material through the tubes, the dress changes hue, and even appears animated. This practice netted Bucket's Liquid Sculpture a Vimeo Award for the 'Captured' category -- but we like the sartorial take on the liquid-as-color practice found in the Fluid Dress. The dress, says Bucket, weighs in at five pounds dry (or eight filled with fluid), which isn't that daunting.

A moving, color-changing dress wouldn't be a hard sell, as long as the pneumatic pump was minimally invasive. We'd love to see it tap into the user's mood -- increasing movement with heart rates or body temperature -- but, for now, watching Bucket's lovely video (after the break) will suffice.

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