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Digital Artist Fashions Dazzling Laser Dancewear

wei-chieh shieh's laser sleeve
In a true "What took so long?" development, digital artist Wei-Chieh Shih has helped to design a stunning piece of technological apparel. Shih adorned a nylon suit with 200 laser diodes to create a spectacularly luminescent shirt. The gleaming garment, which almost looks like a marriage between shoulder pads and a falconry sleeve, emits a brilliant dance of laser beams.

The video nicely demonstrates the mesmerizing benefits for dancers and other performers, but the laser sleeves might be even more appropriate for another (slightly less artistic) breed of dancer. "The Situation" and his 'Jersey Shore' sidekicks could absolutely fist-pump their way to the most wickedly awesome laser light blowout to ever grace the Eastern Seaboard. Check out a video of the laser-wear after the break.

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