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Hulu Plus Cuts Price to $7.99, Officially Launches on Roku

Hulu Plus Gets Cheap
We were already enamored of Hulu Plus, thanks to its portability and $9.99 monthly price. But the benevolent gods of streaming video have slashed the monthly subscription to $7.99, making it even more attractive to people who are getting sick and tired of cable TV shenanigans. In addition to dropping two bucks from the price, Hulu is now offering a one-week free trial for those who are still on the fence about the service.

In addition to the lower price, Hulu Plus is also finally landing on Roku. (We'd heard it was coming to the tiny box almost a month ago, but we were never given a firm date; we thought Hulu had maybe forgotten about poor Roku.) Boxee and Google are going to have to move quickly, now. With Hulu Plus on Roku, it'll be even harder for them to maintain any kind of edge in the streaming media market.

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