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Tech Travel Tips: How to Keep Your Power Pumping

Power Pumping
Once you're across the seas, you'll start snapping photos, turning up your MP3 player, and blogging your adventures -- that is, until you run out of juice. Buying converters in the airport is always über-expensive, and being stuck without one when you need it is hair-pulling. Not sure if you should make the investment? Remember that voltage varies in different continents, and, if you have an electronic made for America (i.e., 110 volts), the 220-volt sockets found abroad could deliver quite a shock to your device. A converter makes sure that no excess electricity comes through.

Those wacky symbols you see on the wall in Deutschland? They aren't native markings; that's what the locals call a "socket." Plugs vary from country to country, and, to make sure you can insert your cord in the right way, you'll want an adapter. Adapter/converter packages, like the Travel Smart by Conair, are usually ideal. For a helpful, all-in-one guide, bookmark Current Solutions. Shocking, isn't it? (Hehe. Electricity puns.)

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