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'Blood' Cameras Could Arm Detectives With Mobile Crime Labs

crime scene tapeFor years, 360-degree cameras have significantly advanced the investigative techniques of law-enforcement officials and forensic scientists. Now, University of South Carolina researchers may actualize the next evolutionary stage in crime-scene analysis with the development of another futuristic photographic process. The University scientists hope to design an effective "blood camera" that could immediately detect the presence of blood in a room -- without the use of outside solvents.

According to New Scientist, the camera concept utilizes infrared light and a transparent, 8-micrometer-thick layer of albumin protein to immediately recognize the presence of blood or other pertinent substances. The system would negate possible sample contamination and false positives by eliminating the need for chemicals or human handlers. If scientists can also complete the development of cameras that immediately analyze blood and other substances, detectives could soon hold tiny, mobile, one-stop crime labs in their hands.

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