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Traveling Abroad? Make Sure Your Gadgets Are Ready for Take Off

Travel Tips
Your tickets are booked. Your bags are packed. Your passport's been dusted off. It's finally time to take off for that exotic vacation you so sorely deserve, and to totally disconnect from the rest of the world... sort of.

Sure, you probably won't want to spend too much time trolling through e-mails instead of strolling across the Île Saint-Louis. If you're like us, though, you'll still probably toss a couple of gadgets into your suitcase -- if only to flood your friends' feeds with tweets, photos and Facebook posts from the other side of the world. But, before you start haphazardly dumping your smartphone, laptop and e-reader into your Samsonite, you should remember to take care of some very forgettable things.

Charge Up
For starters, international flights are long, so if you plan on zoning out with your iPod from takeoff to landing, you should probably make sure that its battery has enough juice to last the whole way. Sitting next to a flatulent fogey for seven hours may be unpleasant, but doing so without your own music is downright unbearable.

In the event that you forget to charge up before heading out, you can save yourself pain by purchasing a portable iPod or iPhone battery charger, which you can plug into your device whenever it needs a second wind. Of course, the portable charger will only work if it, too, has been charged beforehand -- so, if you can't remember to do that, you'll just have to spend the whole ride eating pretzels and listening to in-flight muzak. (Pro tip: For non-iDevices, bring another charged battery.)

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