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Pope Benedict XVI Says the Internet Is Turning Us Into Disoriented Trolls

pope benedict xviMake up your mind, Pope Benedict XVI. First, you roll out your own YouTube channel and Pope2you online initiative, and call upon your priestly underlings to colonize the blogosphere. Then, you turn around and declare that the Internet's poisoning our feeble, sin-prone minds. And now, you've taken the wind out of our Web-surfing sails, once again.

On Saturday, during a Vatican conference on culture, the Pontiff issued yet another divinely mandated potshot at the Internet. "A large number of young people... establish forms of communication that to do not increase humaneness but instead risk increasing a sense of solitude and disorientation," said the man who knows The Man. Benedict went on to say that today's young users are being "numbed" by the Internet, which, according to him, has fomented an "educational emergency -- a challenge that we can and must respond to with creative intelligence." We would agree with the Pope, but we have a gallery of kittens AT WHICH TO LOL.

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