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Facebook Reunites Texas Mother and Long-Lost Son, After 29 Years Apart

jutta fairley and daniel
We've seen Facebook facilitate several parent-child reunions, but few of these feel-good stories have been quite as incredible as Jutta Fairley's.

When Fairley was 19-years old, she became pregnant while still living with her family in Germany. At the time, her parents forced her to make a difficult choice: either moving out of the house, or giving the baby up for adoption. Fairley chose the latter, and parted ways with her baby boy. Over the course of the next 29 years, Fairley moved to New Orleans, married a man in the military, and eventually moved to Houston after Katrina forced her family to flee. And, through it all, the thoughts of her long-lost son continued to weigh heavily on her mind. On Tuesday, however, the two were finally reunited in Houston -- and it was all thanks to Facebook.

Six weeks ago, a man named Daniel Schneider sent a request to become friends with Fairley on Facebook. The woman, now 48-years old, didn't recognize the name, and responded with a message to find out whether she actually knew him. "Normally you ignore them if you don't know them, or you don't have friends in common," she told Houston's FOX affiliate. "[But] something just told me, just check on this. Something is not right. So I sent him a message [asking] 'do I know you?' And he sent me a message back. (It said) not necessarily, but I was born on September 3, 1981, and my mother's name was Jutta."

Schneider, who is now married and has two children, still lives in Germany. But, on Tuesday, he flew out to Texas to finally meet his mother and two of his three half-siblings at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport. Fairley waited outside the airport terminal for a full five hours in excruciating anticipation -- and a delay at customs certainly didn't help. "I hope they don't have me waiting so much longer," she gasped. "I'm gonna lose it."

Finally, Schneider emerged from the airport, and a high-heeled Fairley went sprinting toward him, at full speed. "Daniel!" she exclaimed. "Oh my God. Oh God, I love you." And, in the first words ever spoken to his biological mother, Schneider responded, "I love you too, Mom." We tried contacting Fairley for comment on her remarkable encounter, but we can't blame her for not getting back to us. She clearly has plenty of catching up to do, anyway.

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