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Cody the Robot Nurse Gives Sponge Baths, Probably Still Cringes

cody robotScientists persistently pursue the development of effective robotic caretakers, and the Georgia Institute of Technology just significantly upgraded the capabilities of such service-bots. The Georgia Tech engineers reportedly utilized a "Segway omnidirectional mobile base, two anthropomorphic arms with seven degrees of freedom and wrists equipped with 6-axis force/torque sensors" to create Cody the robo-nurse. Engineers also armed one of those anthropomorphic limbs with a cutting-edge "bath mitt," so Cody can give gentle and soothing sponge baths (before it electrocutes you).

Nurses might harbor concerns about the (human) future of their industry but, if Tech equips Cody with a catheter insertion device, it could be the most revolutionary and cherished instrument in the history of medicine. Watch Cody work in a video after the break.

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