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Robot Actress Debuts in Japan, Shockingly Lacks 'Human Presence'

geminoid fLook out, Blake Lively. There's a new robotic actress in the game, and she's got skills. The remarkably lifelike Geminoid F robot has been around for several months, but finally made her stage debut this week in Japan, where she managed to wow theatergoers without ever getting up from her chair. The 'bot spent the entire play seated onstage, and all of her movements were controlled by an offstage human engineer. (Check out Gem's Stanislavski technique in a video after the break.)

Some of her fellow thespians, however, aren't too keen on the idea of working with dull droids. Actress Bryerly Long, who starred alongside the Geminoid, told the BBC that she often felt "alone" onstage with her co-star, who she says lacks a "human presence." That, of course, might have something to do with the fact that she's a robot.

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