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Seminal Piece of Apple History Lands on the Auction Block

apple-1 computer
Occasionally, vintage tech treasures materialize and propel geeks into a nerdly frenzy. Not too long ago, 'Star Trek' creator Gene Roddenberry's vintage Apple console seemingly represented the pinnacle of dorky computer collectors' items. That ancient relic now appears relatively boring compared to one recently unearthed Apple prize, though. An incredibly rare, original 1976 Apple-1 has appeared, and Christie's of London plans to auction the invaluable item (for dorks, at least) on November 23rd.

The auction house believes approximately 50 models (out of the 200 that were originally manufactured in Steve Jobs' parents' garage) remain in existence. Initially priced at more than $200,000, the Apple-1 auction package reportedly even includes, "the original packaging, instruction manuals and a signed letter by billionaire Jobs." In one interesting bit of numerology, the console originally cost $666.66, which -- given Apple's recent direction -- may have been a remarkably prescient glimpse into the company's future.

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