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Bacarobo Robot Contest Celebrates Survival of the Dumbest

bacarobo contestDestructive, deceptive and belligerent robots predominately attract the public's attention. Occasionally, though, there arise welcome reports of inefficient, worthless and downtrodden 'bots that reassure the doomsday crowd. The Bacarobo competition serves as just such a comforting event, because it celebrates the most ridiculously dumb robots in the world.

Part stand-up routine, part robot stand-off, the contest (which is judged -- at least partially -- with an applause meter) awards almost $3,000 to the winning dumb-bot. This year's competition was held in Hungary, so you may have a little trouble understanding the dialogue in the video after the break. The hilarity of the engineered idiocy, however (particularly the unattainable box, the refrigerator gremlins and the copycat-bot), should be self-explanatory.

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