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Joan Didion Isn't Slouching Towards Blogging Anytime Soon

joan didionWe love you, Joan Didion! Bicoastal grandmother of New Journalism, with your wry eyes and detached verse -- won't you ever debase yourself and blog?

"Well, I don't really understand blogging," the writer said at a luncheon for Colin Firth's new film 'The King's Speech.' She told Guest of a Guest, "It seems like writing, except quicker. I mean, I'm not actually looking for that instant feedback."

The woman who famously exhorted the virtues of keeping a notebook apparently has no patience for the digital kind -- that is, if we were to understand the weblog by its original intent. "So the point of keeping a notebook has never been, nor is it now, to have an accurate factual record of what I have been doing or thinking," she wrote in 1966, for 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem.' Aren't the large share of blogs made up of the overly personal, specious stuff, anyway? Perhaps blogging and notebooking aren't so different.

Her '60s self would disagree: "We are not talking here about the kind of notebook that is patently for public consumption, a structural conceit for binding together a series of graceful pensées; we are talking about something private, about bits of the mind's string too short to use, an indiscriminate and erratic assemblage with meaning only for its maker."

But couldn't one describe Twitter that way?

After all, Ms. Didion's notebook entries (e.g., "Redhead getting out of a car in front of Beverly Wilshire Hotel, chinchilla stole, Vuitton bags with tags reading: MRS LOU FOX HOTEL SAHARA VEGAS") edge just shy over 144 characters.

Still, the 75-year-old wordsmith seems resolutely uninterested in the new media revolution. She told Guest of a Guest that blogging simply makes her "uncomfortable," and that she's no fan of the Kindle, either: "It's one more thing to carry around."

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