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Instapaper 2.3 Reveals Article Length, Adds Smart Dark Mode

Instapaper 2.3
Marco Arment's popular Instapaper app for iOS got bumped up to version 2.3 last night, bringing big changes to the minimalist reading app. Aside from much-appreciated speed updates, Instapaper has added new visual cues tied to article length, easier bookmark installation, and improved sharing options. Check out the hands-on video after the break.

After updating, you'll first notice a row of indicator dots that correspond to the approximate length of the article. If you've started reading a piece and hopped out, darkened dots will track your progress. We've been using the app for a couple hours, and have to admit that the implementation isn't perfect. Some longer pieces, around 10,000 words, showed only three or four dots, indicating that they're the same length as 300-word blog posts.

You'll also notice a new toggle for Dark and Light mode built directly into the font panel, a feature that Arment notes is one of the most highly requested among users. It's easier to access while you're reading an article, because you no longer have to jump back into the settings panel. Instapaper also adds a location-aware 'Switch to Dark Mode,' which automatically changes your screen to the low light-optimized Dark Mode at sunset.

While the mobile bookmarklet installation process is a bit easier, you can now add any article to Instapaper by simply adding an "i" in front of any Web pages you're browsing in Mobile Safari (e.g., "i"). Tapping Go will prompt Instapaper to ask you if you want to save it. The universal app, available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is a free update for current users.

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