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Nintendo Eyes 'It's on Like Donkey Kong' Trademark

donkey kong country returnsNintendo's anticipated 'Donkey Kong Country Returns' finally lands on November, 21st, but the company is commemorating the launch early with an incredibly atypical publicity maneuver. Despite Nintendo's beloved reputation as an unconventional and fan-friendly entity, it reportedly intends to trademark and protect a quirky piece of pop culture.

According to CNN, Nintendo hopes to trademark the phrase "It's on like 'Donkey Kong.' " (Et tu, Nintendo?) The company issued a press release lauding "Donkey Kong's status as an enduring pop-culture icon and video game superstar," and the ubiquitous presence of the phrase in "popular music, television and film over the years." The press release doesn't address the possible repercussions of improperly busting the rhyme, but -- just to be certain -- fitting and similar alternatives certainly exist. "It's on like Diddy Kong!" has a better ring to it anyway.

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