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Bob Woodward Stars in Bizarre Ad for Washington Post iPad App

Bob Woodward
The Washington Post has recently stepped into the e-publishing trade with its own iPad app, but, according to the paper's new commercial, all of its journalists are totally dumbstruck to be living in a post-print 2010. (See it after the break.) The ad begins when someone in the newsroom tells Bob Woodward about the iPad and about the Post's new app. Woodward immediately abandons whatever he was composing on his typewriter, and sets off on an odyssey across the office. As he plods along, he passes other Post employees, all of whom are totally blown away by this thing called the iPad. "I'm on television!" exclaims one. "These pictures are so amazing!" gushes another.

Finally, Woodward arrives at the office of longtime Post editor Ben Bradlee, who's lounging with his own 'Pad against a sitar-infused musical backdrop. Bradlee tries to explain the tablet in a barely audible and appropriately curmudgeonly growl, growing excitable and eventually shouting, "Swipe it, like this!" before muttering something about kids and tweeting. See, it's funny because they're old -- and they have iPads! And they're talking about Twitter! Cra-zy.

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