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TSA Bans Large Printer Cartridges From Passenger Flights

toner bomb
If you were planning on traveling with a suitcase full of printer cartridges, we've got some bad news. The TSA has decided to ban printer and toner cartridges that weigh more than 16 ounces from both carry-on and checked luggage on all flights bound for U.S. destinations. But it shouldn't surprise you to learn of the new prohibition, considering the bomb scare two weeks ago. Explosive devices were found hidden inside large, office-style toner cartridges being shipped from Yemen. Those devices were, however, being transported on cargo planes, which are still allowed to carry the larger cartridges.

The U.S. isn't alone in its ban on the cartridges. Canada is also prohibiting printer cartridges from checked luggage, but is allowing domestic passengers to transport them in their carry-ons.

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