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Using Facebook, Teen Confirms Secret to High SAT Score

milo beckman A teenager from New York thinks he's cracked the SAT -- and he says he did it with a little help from Facebook. Fourteen-year-old Milo Beckman apparently wanted to test the research of MIT professor Les Perelman, who had claimed that longer essays resulted in higher SAT scores. According to the College Board, these essays aren't graded according to any rigorous criteria, but on the "general impression" they give the grader. Perelman found that longer length often resulted in a better impression, but only arrived at that conclusion after reading through the College Board's sample essays. Beckman, on the other hand, decided to go straight to the source.

As ABC News reports, Beckman used Facebook to collect data from his fellow students at Stuyvesant High School. A total of 115 SAT-takers reported to him the length of their essays (in lines), and their scores. After analyzing the sample data, Beckman discovered a positive correlation between essay length, and score -- and a pretty strong one, too. "The probability that such a strong correlation would happen by chance is ten to the negative 18th," he told ABC. "So 00000 ...18 zeros and then (an) 18. Which is zero." We're guessing that the math section won't be too much of a problem for Milo. See the whiz kid's interview on ABC after the break.

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