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Because Clicking Requires Lifting a Finger, Google Rolls Out Instant Preview

Google Instant Previews
Google is now rolling out the instant previews of search results that it began testing in early October. As is the case with most Google updates, the search previews will become available to all users, and in 40 languages across the globe, within the next few days. When you gain access, you'll notice a magnifying glass icon next to each of your search results. Clicking on it will open a pop-up preview on the right side of the page. In addition to giving you a quick glimpse of the site, the preview will highlight text relevant to your search terms. A keyboard shortcut has been added for opening previews, as well; if you're navigating through your results page with the arrow keys, pressing the right arrow will open the preview.

We've been using it for some time here, and, while it's not always the most useful feature, it's a nice little tweak that we're sure some will truly love. What really matters is that it's lighting fast, and doesn't impact how quickly Google loads search results. If you don't like the previews, you can easily ignore them. And, if you're totally sold, you can turn on the feature now by going to the Google Instant Previews page.

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