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Recyclable Bloom Laptop Comes Apart in 2 Minutes, Without Tools

Taking your laptop in for repair typically involves long lines, condescending tech support workers and hefty bills. With a new prototype laptop called Bloom, however, conducting open hard-drive surgery is so easy, a 10-year-old could do it.

Created by a group of students from Stanford and Finland's Aalto University, Bloom can be completely disassembled within just two minutes, and with relative ease. As one Stanford student explains in the video after the break, users won't even have to get a screwdriver to dig into the gadget's guts, as everything inside connects with slot mechanisms. According to DVICE, the prototype also features a detachable keyboard and mouse, which can be used on any surface. And, because it's all made from just one material, the device is "highly recyclable," which is always a nice perk.

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