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Dubya Gets iPad to Read About iRaq and iRan

It seems like only yesterday that an ingenuous, doe-eyed George W. Bush was innocently extolling the virtues of the ol' Internets. Well, a touching talk with Matt Lauer (previewed in advance of tonight's interview special on NBC) indicates that our W. has finally shed his n00b status. The former President recently made his Facebook debut, and he now apparently owns an iPad, too. Bush purportedly loves to "surf the Web" for "places that feed [his] political curiosity," but -- so far -- those places seem limited to Politico and Real Clear Politics (when he's not reading the Bible or the Wall Street Journal). Dubya does admit that he has an affinity for lurking, but also claims to harbor "zero desire to mix it up" in the comments sections or message boards. Just give it time, little one, give it time. See Bush talk tech after the break.

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