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Amazon Quietly Testing Like Button, We Fear for the Future of the Web

Amazon Like Button
By the year 2014, the Web will be nothing but Like buttons. We were foolish to assume that the Like button (that simple and clickable way of telling everyone, regardless of OS or site of origin, that you really thought the article about those miniature cupcakes with the little kitten faces was so damn likable) had hit the zenith of its usefulness on Facebook. But things can never be that easy. Instead of putting an end to other methods of "liking" or sharing things, the Facebook button merely ushered in a tidal wave of companies playing copycat. Everyone -- from Twitter to Google to Evernote -- has some spin on the Like button. And now, apparently, Amazon is testing one, presumably to help improve its recommendation engine.

A reader sent screen shots of the new feature into TechCrunch, and mentions of the new button are popping up all over Twitter. But, we haven't seen it ourselves yet. When it does arrive, you'll spot it just to the left of the box for ordering or adding to your Wish List. Click the little beige button with the blue thumbs up, and it'll turn orange. You'll also have the option to exclude that Like from affecting your recommendations. Are you seeing the new button? Let us know in the comments.

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