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U.S. Cyber Command Opens, Life on the Content Farm

Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.


Military's cyberwar command opens
The Department of Defense announced that the military's new command for protecting its networks against cyberassault had achieved "full operational capability," meaning the new U.S. Cyber Command, which opened for business in May, is 100 percent ready for duty, just a month behind schedule.
My Summer on the Content Farm
My role, as a "copy editor," was roughly akin to that of Lucy's with the candy wrapper. I was to be an intermediary between the web at large and the raw, reliably weird substance that results from the unlikely union of algorithmically created topic assignments and writers of, shall we say, widely variable competence.



  • 50 years ago, the Univac computer, connected from New York to Philadelphia via a teletype machine, correctly predicted Eisenhower's landslide election win, but CBS ignored it. [From: Wired]
  • Get ready for the great wave of lamp-shattering experimentation of gestural control of apps in your living room. Musical social network announced compatibility with Xbox Kinect. [From: Mashable]
  • Skype 5.0 hits beta on Mac and adds group video chat capability. [From: Engadget]
  • IMDB debuts new apps for iPad and iPhone. [From: ABC News]
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