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Facebook Responds to User Complaints of Font Shrinkage, via Twitter

facebook feedback on twitter
This week, Facebook inexplicably introduced a smaller font size to its news feed, much to the chagrin of many users. The change, which was introduced without warning, took the social network's members by surprise, and some found the Lilliputian text difficult to read. But because Facebook never formally announced the change with a blog post, or created a forum for feedback, many users were forced to air their grievances on Twitter. Now, Facebook has finally responded to their complaints, also via Twitter.

"Thanks for the feedback on the font size. We're listening and sharing it with our teams here," reads a tweet on Facebook's Twitter account. It's unclear why Facebook would choose to address user concerns on rival Twitter's platform, rather than its own. But doing so at least guarantees that people won't have to whip out their magnifying glasses to read it.

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