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Bon Jovi Gives YouTube a Bad Name

bon joviBon Jovi has already released at least three compilation albums and one box set, but the band apparently believes its extensive catalog warrants yet another 'Greatest Hits' album. That assortment of regurgitated cheese drops November 9th, and, to build a little hype, the band is scheduled to perform Wednesday, November 10th at New York's Best Buy Theater -- from which YouTube will be live-streaming the entire event. During the performance, YouTube will allow viewers "to submit comments and videos expressing what they love about their favorite Bon Jovi songs." Burp.

So, YouTube streams U2 and Arcade Fire shows (and the State of the Union Address), and now it taps Bon Jovi? Hmm. Jon Bon did publicly issue an appeal for song requests, so the public purportedly gets to choose the set list. Wait, the public actually gets to choose the set list? This sounds like a job for 4chan.

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